Since only a small amount of material has been fully systemized and digitized so far, herbarium staff members are regularly searching for external funds to support projects of systematization and digitization of certain plant groups deposited in the collections. The following projects are currently ongoing or have been undertaken so far:


Restauration of herbarium collections ZA and ZAHO

Duration: 2021-2026

Coordinators: Nina Vuković, Ivana Rešetnik and Vedran Šegota

A series of reparations and improvements of the collection organization is planned within the current five-year plan.


Digitization of Herbarium of Ivo and Marija Horvat (ZAHO), Croatia

Funding: IAPT, Small Collections grants

Duration: 2020

Coordinator: Ivana Rešetnik

The digitization of the collection of ferns from the ZAHO collection was carried out.

Monitoring of grasslands under the grazing regime in National Park Sjeverni Velebit in 2019

Funding: Public Institution National Park Sjeverni Velebit

Duration: 2019

Coordinator: Vedran Šegota

Digitization of the significant part of the herbarium collection of the retired Prof Ljerka Regula-Bevilaqua was carried out within the project, including the material collected on Dinaric mountains.


Filogeogaphy and evolution of three divergent ecological groups of Amphi-Adriatic plants (AmphiAdriPlant)

Funding: Croatian Science Foundation (Hrvatska zaklada za znanost – HRZZ)

Duration: 2018-2023

Coordinator: Ivana Rešetnik

Specimens of the species from the Dianthus sylvestris and Festuca bosniaca groups were digitized within the project (Terlević and Rešetnik 2020).


Flora Croatica Database – Information system for nature protection

Funding: Ministry for Nature Protection and Energetic Efficiency

Duration: 2018

Coordinator: Toni Nikolić

Collaborator: Vedran Šegota

Plant specimens of invasive flora from ZA and ZAHO were digitized within the project (Vilović et al. 2020).


Next-generation systematics of the south-eastern European genus Aurinia (Brassicaceae): evolution and phylogeography of an intricate plant group

Funding: Unity through Knowledge Fund

Duration: 2017-2019

Coordinator: Ivana Rešetnik

Specimens from the genera Aurinia and Alyssum from ZA and ZAHO were digitized within the project (Rešetnik and Španiel 2018, Rešetnik et al. 2020).


Digitization of ZA and ZAHO herbarium collections

Funding: Croatian Academy of Science and Art

Duration: 2016

Coordinator: Ivana Rešetnik

The web page of ZA and ZAHO collections with the Virtual herbarium search engine was established through this project.


Restauration of herbarium collections ZA and ZAHO

Funding: Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

Duration: 2015-2020

Coordinators: Ivana Rešetnik and Vedran Šegota

Extensive renovation of the herbarium premises was carried out, including the acquirement of electronic equipment and air-conditioning system in ZA and ZAHO.