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Colleagues from distinguished research institutes, as well as their students with experience in handling of specimens, are welcome to visit the Herbarium for research purposes. The collection is open by appointment only. Please consult our Visitor Regulation Policy and Request Form.

For loan requests, please consult our Loan Regulation Policy and Request Form.

To access the Virtual Herbarium online please follow this link.


The staff regularly contribute to various manifestations and workshops organized for the general public. Traditionally, the workshops are held as a part of the annual “Botanical Gardens’ and Arboreta Week” organized by the Croatian Botanical Society, and within the annual “Night of Biology” organized by the Faculty of Science.



Ivana Rešetnik

PhD, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science

Molecular phylogeny and systematics, Alysseae, Knautia, Campanula, Lilium





Vedran Šegota


MSc, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science

Flora of Croatia, Bryophytes