Associates and volunteers

Occasionally, different types of associates take part in the herbarium activities as part-time employees, such as students of the Faculty of Science, graduated biologists or similar experts. They are employed depending on the available resources (via projects); however, interested persons can also take part in herbarium activities as volunteers.

Working in the herbarium includes all everyday activities regularly taking part in the collections, such as restoration of the historical material from ZA and ZAHO or organizing and depositing new material. This also implies georeferencing of localities, entering the data into the Flora Croatica Database and digitization (scanning) of herbarium sheets.

Additional information or application is available through the contact form, e-mail address or personal visit to: Marulićev trg 20, 2nd floor (Zagreb). In the case of personal visit, it is advisable to arrange the meeting over e-mail.

Restoration of the material from the ZA collection