Workshops and collaboration


Herbarium staff members regularly participate in different public events, through organizing and holding workshops. Workshops are traditionally held within the “Week of Botanical Gardens and Arboretums” organized by Croatian Botanical Society, and the “Night of Biology” organized by Faculty of Science, when the ZA collection is traditionally open for the public. In addition, herbarium staff members held an educational workshop for high school Biology teachers in 2018, and are continuously interested in collaborations for educational purposes. Together with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, herbarium staff members participated in the organization of the “Night of Museums” in 2019, promoting the herbarium collection and the carpological collection of Prof Ivo Horvat.

Promotion of  the herbarium and carpological collection of Prof. Ivo Horvat during the “Night of Museums” in 2019 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.



Collaboration with several faculties from the University of Zagreb has been established within the last five years.
Collaboration with the Department for Information Sciences from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was established through the project of digitization of the collection of orchids and the analysis and optical recognition of historical handwritings from the herbarium labels. Within this collaboration, several dozens of students from the above-mentioned Faculty participated in the Course of laboratory practice by digitizing the collection. In addition, two Graduation thesis were created.
Department for Agricultural Zoology from the Faculty of Agriculture was involved in the project of studying harmful insects and the possibilities for pest control within the herbarium material.
Department of Veterinary Biology from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine participated in the digitization of the carpological collection of Prof Ivo Horvat, discovered in 2019 at the above-mentioned Faculty.